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Which Test?



There are a number of different types of test that can be done to identify drug and alcohol use.

By far the most common types are urine drug tests and CDT tests for alcohol misuse.

If you need to do a drug test, the most important thing you need to know is if you need a Chain of Custody test. You will be told by the company (e.g. Transport for London -TfL), lawyer or court if this is the type of test that you need to do. If not, then you should do the normal urine drug test. 

An example of a drug test report can be found here.

Clicking on each of the types of test below will provide further detail on each test:

drug-test Drug Tests:

alcohol-test Alcohol Tests:

    testosterone-test Hormone Tests:


which-drug-alcohol-test Still confused? Why not ask for a call back.


 Example of Test Report:



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Alcohol Tests

Alcohol Tests

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Drug Tests

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Postal Tests

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Chain of Custody Drug Tests

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