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Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing

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Understanding the Need: Drug Testing in the UK

  1. Employee Well-being: Drug and alcohol testing safeguards not only the individual but also the collective health and safety of the team.

  2. Legal Aspects: It's essential to acquaint yourself with UK drug testing laws. The country’s legal framework encourages companies to have a clear employee drug testing policy, aligning with both the employee's rights and the company's safety needs.

  3. Workplace Efficiency: As random drug testing in the workplace becomes more prevalent and its significance is recognised, firms have noted a reduction in absenteeism, accidents, and workplace disputes.

Our Services: Setting the Benchmark

  • Comprehensive Drug Tests: From 7 panel drug test to 13 panel drug test, we offer an array of options to suit your company's requirements. 

  • Urine Drug Tests: Understanding urine drug test facts, detection times, and how to read drug test results from the lab can be complex. We ensure easy interpretation and accurate urine drug test results.

  • Walk-in Testing: Employees can attend our centrally-located Patient Reception in London between 7am-7pm Monday-Friday, and 7am-1pm on Saturdays.

  • Transparency and Confidentiality: We maintain a transparent process while ensuring complete confidentiality. 

  • Results by email: All results are sent promptly directly to the employer with an explanation of their meaning.

Addressing Common Concerns

  • Failed Drug Tests: Drugs undergo a two-phase testing process. An initial positive result leads to further specialised testing to rule out any false positives. If genuinely positive, the specific drug is pinpointed and its concentration in the sample determined. This approach guarantees that no employee faces unjust consequences.

  • Invalid Tests: Occasionally, a urine drug test may return a negative yet invalid result. This can occur if the urine sample is excessively diluted due to unintentional or intentional high fluid consumption. We recommend that individuals being tested limit their fluid intake on the test day to prevent such outcomes; e.g. no more than 1 glass (250ml) per hour.

  • Employee Rights: Having a fair drug testing policy will ensure that you stay on the right side of the law.

Further Benefits and Insights on Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing

Supporting Employees and Business Growth

  1. Reduction in Turnover and Absenteeism: Research indicates that employees who misuse drugs and alcohol are more likely to switch jobs frequently and be absent. By addressing the issue through testing and offering supportive measures, businesses can decrease turnover and increase attendance.

  2. Enhanced Reputation: Firms that prioritise the safety and well-being of their workforce make a statement about their values. Implementing a drug testing policy can boost a company's reputation, making it more appealing to both potential clients and job candidates.

  3. Decrease in Workplace Accidents: Drug and alcohol use can significantly impair judgment, making accidents more likely. By ensuring employees aren't under the influence, firms can minimise the risk of workplace incidents, protecting both people and assets.

Addressing Misconceptions

  • Respecting Privacy: One misconception about drug testing is that it is an invasion of privacy. However, with a clear employee drug testing policy and strict adherence to employee drug testing laws, privacy concerns can be adequately addressed.

  • Understanding Results: It's crucial to say that the aim is not to invade personal privacy but to ensure a safe working environment. Tests typically look for substances that might impair job performance, not prescribed medications. That's where checking a person's prescription medication plays a crucial role.

  • Addressing Fears: Employees may worry if drug tests are sent to the lab for further testing. Assuring them that further tests are just to ensure accuracy can alleviate anxiety.

Why Choose Us?

  • Affordability: We offer a cost-effective solution to drug and alcohol testing at a fraction of the price of having on-site workplace testing.

  • Reliability: All drug and alcohol tests are performed at a UKAS accredited laboratory.

  • Ease of Access: Our centrally-located Patient Reception in London is easy to access and we offer a walk-in service once the test has been ordered through us.

  • Expert Guidance: Please contact us if you are thinking of having your employees tested using our services. We are here to guide you.

Safety. Productivity. Well-Being.

While there's chatter about privacy concerns, the benefits of workplace drug testing shine brighter. Why? Because it's all about ensuring a safe, productive, and thriving work atmosphere.

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