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Case Study: Norse Atlantic Airways Pre-Employment Drug Testing


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Norse Atlantic Airways, an emerging airline in 2023, faced the challenge of ensuring their staff met strict aviation regulations before their scheduled launch. With a tight timetable, they needed an efficient and flexible solution for pre-employment drug testing.


To provide comprehensive drug testing for all Norse Atlantic Airways staff in a timely and efficient manner, ensuring compliance with aviation regulations and enabling a smooth airline launch.


  1. Initial Consultation: We met with Norse Atlantic Airways to understand their requirements, timeline, and the scale of testing needed.
  2. Customised Testing Schedule: Recognising the urgency, we developed a bespoke testing schedule that would not disrupt the airline's operational preparations.
  3. Mobile Testing Units: To maximise efficiency, we deployed mobile testing units to Norse Atlantic Airways' primary locations, reducing downtime for staff and expediting the process.
  4. Expert Oversight: Our team of professionals ensured that each test was conducted under strict guidelines, ensuring accuracy and reliability.
  5. Reporting: We provided real-time updates and a comprehensive final report to Norse Atlantic Airways, detailing the results and ensuring transparency.


Our proactive approach and flexibility ensured that Norse Atlantic Airways could conduct drug tests for their entire staff ahead of their tight launch schedule. The airline successfully began operations, having met all aviation regulations related to employee health and safety.


The collaboration between Drug Test London and Norse Atlantic Airways demonstrated the efficiency, adaptability, and reliability of our drug testing services. When faced with a tight deadline and stringent regulations, we rose to the challenge, reinforcing our position as a trusted partner in the aviation industry. 

After successfully assisting Norse Atlantic Airways with their pre-employment drug testing needs in 2023, our partnership has evolved into an ongoing commitment. As the airline grows and the aviation industry's regulations continue to evolve, ensuring the safety and well-being of their staff remains a top priority.

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