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What you need to know about drug and alcohol testing

 There are many reasons people need to get a private drug and alcohol test. They are usually not available in the NHS.

drug-testEmployment drug and alcohol testing and for legal purposes such as family courts. These are usually chain of custody drug tests.

drug-testSome embassies ask for a drug test before issuing a visa

drug-testPre-marriage drug testing

drug-testPersonal reasons such as testing yourself before an official drug and alcohol test

drug-testProof of abstinence: typically testing once every few weeks or once per month to prove that a person is staying off drugs and/or alcohol


   We aim to take to make the process of getting a drug and alcohol test as easy as possible.


   This website is designed like a shopping site on which you can order a drug and alcohol test by clicking on the appropriate icon and paying online by card, PayPal or by bank transfer. 


  You can then go to the laboratory to give the sample.


Alternatively, there are also some drug and alcohol tests that you can do at home and post to the laboratory for testing. These tests have the red postbox icon.


  The laboratory is located in Central London on Wimpole Street and is a 5-10 minute walk from Oxford Circus and Bond Street tube stations. We will send you a map with directions once you have ordered your test.


  Laboratory opening times are 7am-7pm Monday - Friday, and 7am - 1pm on Saturday. Most tests can be done on a walk-in basis once they have been ordered online.


  Chain of Custody urine drug tests all need an appointment and are available 9am - 4pm Monday to Friday. 

booking-chain-of-custody-urine-drug-test Please click here to book an appointment for a  chain of custody urine drug test.



  Results are sent by e-mail.


confidential-drug-test  Confidentiality is guaranteed. Results are not shared with others including your own GP unless you ask us to do so.


Meaning of Icons:

   Drug Test                                       Alcohol Test

           Blood Test                Urine Test         

        Collect sample at home and post to laboratory


Order Process:

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