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Blood Group Test

Blood Group Test


essential-blood-test-sti-screen The blood group test tells you:

  • which blood group or blood type your are; i.e. A,B,O
  • if you are rhesus positive or negative

why-testWhy do this test? Having evidence of your blood group or blood type is still a requirement to get certain visas or for pre-marriage 

sti-test-london  There is no need for an appointment to do the blood group test. After ordering it, you will receive a confirmation message with a map and directions attached. You can then go to Patient Reception at The Doctors Laboratory to give the sample. The laboratory is open 7am – 7pm weekdays and 7am-1pm on Saturdays.

photo-ed  You are required to bring a valid photo ID with you at the of the test such as a passport or driving license.

time-takenTime Taken: 1 working day *


sti-test-london  Results of your blood group test will be e-mailed to you.


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