Cocaine deaths increasing

Cocaine deaths increasing

Written by Amer Sheikh
August 20, 2018

Deaths from cocaine misuse continue to rise. In 2017, this figure was 432 people compared to 112 in 2011. These are thought to be related to the increasing purity and reducing cost of the drug.

There were 432 deaths related to the drug in England and Wales in 2017, compared with 371 the previous year and 112 in 2011, figures from the Office for National Statistics reveal 

To put this into context, that is two and a half times the deaths from road traffic accidents. Cocaine can cause heart attacks, strokes and heart failure especially when combined with alcohol and other drugs.

Here's the full list of numbers of deaths from each drug in 2017:

  • Heroin or morphine: 1,164
  • Methadone: 367 
  • Tramadol: 185 
  • Codeine not from compound formulation: 156
  • Dihydrocodeine not from compound formulation: 94
  • Fentanyl: 75 
  • Other specified opiate: 9 
  • Unspecified opiate: 190 
  • Cocaine: 432 
  • Any amphetamine: 150 
  • Ecstasy/MDMA: 56 
  • Cannabis: 29 
  • Any new psychoactive substance: 61 
  • Any benzodiazepine: 391 
  • Zopiclone/Zolpidem: 126 
  • Any antidepressant: 484
  • Any antipsychotic: 120
  • Paracetamol: 218

Here is the full story:

Guardian: Rise in cocaine deaths prompts calls for government action



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