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Information for Referrers

Clients are often referred for drug testing by companies, solicitors or clinicians. However, referral is not mandatory and clients can arrange their own tests. All tests are performed by an accredited facility, The Doctors Laboratory , which is known for its high level of quality and efficiency. Results are available quickly and can be e-mailed and/or posted.


confidential-drug-test-londonClient Confidentiality

Due to matters relating to confidentiality, results can only be forwarded to the client themselves. However, referrers can request a copy of the results with the client's agreement. The client can indicate that a copy of the results is to be forwarded to another e-mail or postal address on the "Your Cart" page at checkout.


secure-drug-test-london   Tamper Proof

Since the referrer can receive the client's result directly from DrugTest.London there will be no way in which the results can be tampered with.


advantage-drug-test-london   Advantages of Registration:

The significant cost of drug testing can be a burden on individuals especially if it is part of pre-employment screening as some clients will not currently be in paid employment. This can be partly alleviated by referring agencies registering with DrugTest.London who will then receive a discount code that can be used by their clients at the time of making an order.

Registration is straightforward and carries no obligation on part of the referring company. Clients will then receive a discount on this website when they enter the discount code.

Please contact the DrugTest.London team to register.

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