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Home Coronavirus Antibody Test (COVID-19)

Home Coronavirus Antibody Test (COVID-19)

This page will be updated when restrictions are lifted.


cdt-test-home  This Home Coronavirus Antibody Test (COVID-19) is a blood test used to check if you have had the infection in the past or if you have been exposed to someone who has had the infection. It should be done at least 14 days after the first symptoms appeared or after being exposed.

NB: The Coronavirus Antibody Test (COVID-19) will not tell you if you currently have the infection. If you suspect that you have symptoms of a coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, then you should call 111 or your own GP.

Check the UK Goverment website for coronavirus (COVID-19) information.

 The Coronavirus Antibody Test (COVID-19) is an IgG antibody test to find out if you have had the infection or been exposed to someone with the infection in the past. It has been developed by Abbott Laboratories and has been approved by the UK government. 

We do not know for sure if having antibodies to coronavirus gives you any protection against future infection because this is a new virus. However, it is hoped that it will offer some degree of protection as is the case with other viruses. The Coronavirus Antibody Test (COVID-19) may be useful if you would like to know if you have had the coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. It may also be useful for employers or employees who are thinking of returning to work after self-isolation.


The sensitivity of the Home Coronavirus Antibody Test (COVID-19) is 97.5%. This means that there is a 97.5% chance of detecting if you have had the infection. It also means that infections are not picked up in 2.5% of cases (false negative).

The specificity of the Home Coronavirus Antibody Test (COVID-19) is 100%. This means that the test will only be positive in people who have actually had the infection. There is zero chance that the test will be positive for any other reason (false positive).


  The blood sample for the Home Coronavirus Antibody Test (COVID-19) is taken by pricking your finger with a small sharp lancet. These are the same sort of small needles that are used by diabetics when they are checking their blood sugar.

Please watch this video showing how this is done, before trying to collect the sample. Written instructions can be found here. Only a small amount of blood is needed but some samples may be rejected by the laboratory because there is not enough.


Please note that the Home Coronavirus Antibody Test (COVID-19) is not an instant test and you will not get a result that you can read at home. The test needs to be returned to the laboratory for specialised testing and the results will be emailed to you.

  You can post the blood sample for the Home Coronavirus Antibody Test (COVID-19) in the postage-paid plastic envelope that we provide. Please allow 2 days for this to reach the laboratory.

  Results available: The results for the Home Coronavirus Antibody Test (COVID-19) take 2 working days after arrival at the laboratory * (Please allow time for delivery)

  Results for the Home Coronavirus Antibody Test (COVID-19) will be e-mailed to you with an explanation of what the result means.

Interpretation of results:

COV-2 IgG      < 1.4      Not detected      (Negative)      No past infection

COV-2 IgG      >=1.4      Detected           (Positive)      Past infection


coronavirus-covid-19-test Click here if you would like to attend Patient Reception in London to do this test.

 * Indicative timings only. Actual result may be earlier or slightly later.



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