Cocaine Test Strips

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Product Information

These are high quality cocaine test strips for use with testing urine. 


Cut-off 150 ng/ml

Intended use:

  • Home or workplace testing 
  • Screening for drug abuse when the substance is known
  • Regular testing to confirm or reinforce abstinence 

Detection time:

Cocaine can be detected in urine for up to 2-4 days after use.

The detection time can be affected by:

  • amount of drug taken
  • body weight
  • medication and use of other drugs and alcohol
  • regular use of drug/alcohol or occasional use
  • health problems

What does Cut-off mean?

The cut-off is the minimum level of drug that can be detected by the test. For example, a cut-off of 150 ng/mL means that particular drug can be detected at concentrations at or above 150 ng/mL but not below this number. 

All drug tests, even the most specialised ones. have cut-off levels. There is no test which will detect the presence of a drug down to a zero level.



How accurate is the test?

This test is highly sensitive and up to 99% accurate.

It is CE and FDA certified.

This is a lateral flow, one-step immunoassay for the qualitative detection of specific drugs and their metabolites in human urine. 

This test can be used as a quick and convenient screening procedure. All positive tests should be considered as preliminary positive as there is a small chance of a result being a false positive. All preliminary positive results should be confirmed by a laboratory using GC-MS or LC-MS specialised testing as advised by the European Workplace Drug Testing Society guidelines

Instructions for use
  1. Ask test subject to pass urine into a container

  2. Dip the test strip into the urine making sure that the urine does not come above the 'MAX' line

  3. Wait 5 minutes.

  4. Read the test


a) The top red strip labelled 'C' is the Control strip and should always be present. If this is missing the test is invalid and should be repeated with a new drug test strip.
b) The bottom red strip labelled 'T' is the Test strip If it is present, even faintly, then the test is negative.
c) A Preliminary Positive result is indicated by a red 'C' strip and completely absent 'T' strip. This result should be confirmed by specialised testing for that particular substance by GC-MS or LC-MS methods.


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