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Cheating a Drug and Alcohol Test


A quick search of the internet will pop up a number of websites and videos that will show you how to cheat drug and alcohol tests. To save you the effort we have added a few links below for entertainment value.

Our advice is don't waste your time!

That is because we check all samples for evidence of cheating.

1. Dilution

One of the most common methods of cheating is to drink a lot of fluid on the morning of the test. This works by making the urine very dilute so that detecting the drug becomes more difficult.

  We check the urine to see if it is very dilute. If so, the test becomes invalid because we are unable to do an accurate test. Therefore, the result will be returned as INVALID and will have to be repeated at the cost to the client. 

2. Using another person's urine

In this method, another person's urine is brought into the laboratory and submitted as their own.

  There are a number of problems with using this method. The first is that we check the temperature of the urine. If it is not at body temperature, the sample is rejected. One way around it is to use a device to keep the sample warm. First of all, it is difficult to get it to exactly body temperature, and secondly this urine does not stay warm or long as it does if it was freshly produced from the body.

3. Bringing a fluid which is not urine or adding fluid to the urine sample

People have used a number of inventive ways to dilute or substitute the sample using another fluid like water or apple juice.

  There are numerous problems with this method. The cubicle in which you are asked to produce the urine sample has no water supply. Adding fluids to urine will change the temperature which can be detected. The urine will be dilute and this can be detected. The urine will also not contain as much or no creatinine - a substance that is present in all urine.

4. Sending in another person to do the test

  You will be asked for a photo ID such as your passport or driving license to make proper identification.

5. Adulterating a sample

This is where chemicals are added to the urine sample to try and mask the drug in the urine or fool the laboratory equipment. Common things that are used include soap, bleach,salt and eye drops.

  Don't bother! All of these substances are easily detected.

 6. Drinking vinegar

The idea here is to lower the pH of the urine to mask the drug in the urine.

  Yuck! First of all the pH of the urine is tested so any abnormality will make the test invalid and it will have to be repeated at a cost to the client. Secondly, the amount of vinegar that needs to be drunk in order to lower the pH of the urine would not be palatable to most people and likely to cause severe diarrhoea.

 7. Taking creatinine

The level of creatinine is tested in urine to confirm that it is urine and to make sure the sample is not diluted. Some people think that eating creatinine or a lot of red meat will increase the creatinine in the urine.

  This idea is plain wrong. The human body does not work this way.

8. Increasing the body's metabolism

Some people believe that increasing the body's metabolism will make the body get rid of the drug faster from the body. They attempt this by eating high calorie foods or doing a lot of exercise.

  Sorry, the idea behind this is wrong and this method will not work.





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